Trains return to normal operations

Israel Railways warns of 'disruptions' due to difficulty finding substitute controllers.

Reut Hadar ,


Israel's trains returned on Friday morning to normal operations after traffic controllers were found to replace those striking.

"There may be some disruptions towards afternoon, also due to the difficulty finding controllers," a statement from Israel Railways said.

"Israel Railways' management apologizes to the passengers and takes the wild and illegal step taken by the employees' representatives very seriously. We will do everything possible in order to prevent such incidents in the future."

At 8:00a.m. Friday, Israel Railways was forced to stop all train traffic throughout Israel due to the fact that nearly half of the National Railways Command's traffic controllers "called in sick."

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) said, "We will not allow anarchy in Israel Railways. The train's passengers will not be hostages to a group which is trying to extort benefits through force and bullying."

Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar-David ordered Israel Railways' Employees' Committee to immediately locate substitutes for the missing controllers.

"The Histadrut calls on the management of Israel Railways to cancel the strike and work to build healthy work relationships," he said. "Within the next half hour, Israel Railways will begin returning the trains around the country to normal operations."