Retrospect Heroes: You disgust me

From beginning I thought Bennett's resignation, establishing New Right was mistake, but those attacking in hindsight are disgusting. Opinion

Shlomo Pietrekovsky ,

Party doesn't completely express path of religious Zionism. Shaked and Bennett
Party doesn't completely express path of religious Zionism. Shaked and Bennett
Flash 90

I don't know what will happen to the New Right Party over the issue of the passage of the electoral threshold. It seems quite gloomy now, but I haven't lost hope yet.

I admit: From the very beginning I thought Bennett's resignation and establishing the New Right was a mistake. I haven't changed my mind. But the intensity of attacks on them with the wisdom of hindsight is really unfair.

Bennett and Shaked took a step that, according to their understanding, could have produced a significant advantage for the ideological Right, while in practice they really didn't succeed. But to say it was a foreseen failure is untrue.

They took this step for ideological reasons. It was no attempt to improve their personal positions, and those who accuse them of this simply don't know them. They wanted to do good, and failed.

It's the easiest thing to sit behind a keyboard and offer scholarly criticism (I even make a living from it a little), but political life is a tough and cruel business, and none of us, the keyboard heroes, took upon his back the personal burden that such intense political life involves.

I really appreciate Bennett and Shaked - despite their mistakes and although I didn't vote for them - and I'm really disgusted at the attacks now coming from certain quarters, especially the joy in their downfall. It's disgusting and they don't deserve it.