'Go out and vote'

In an open letter to the Israeli public, Pres. Reuven Rivlin emphasizes importance of freedom, urges everyone to vote.

President Reuven Rivlin ,

Polling station
Polling station
Ehud Amitun/TPS

Dear citizens,

The results of the elections are decided in the voting booths, via your ballot and my ballot. One ballot and another ballot and another ballot - a sea of ballots, and they decide the country's future. Neither the president nor the party heads will decide the makeup of the next coalition and Knesset - only the citizens' voices will.

We are lucky to be part of the few who enjoy citizens' freedom, including the right to vote. Our nation lived many generations in subjugated exile. And here, our generation merits to live in a sovereign, free, democratic country. Our right, as citizens, to vote and have an influence is not to be taken for granted.

Today is the day. My voice, your voice, the voice of a minister in the government, the voice of a young mother or a young boy and an elderly grandmother - we're all equal.

We must not forgo our right and obligation to vote. Go out and celebrate the celebration of citizenship. Go to the polls and choose the party which will implement what you see as the best for the State of Israel. Don't run away from the responsibility - go vote.