Smotrich: 'Education and Justice portfolios were promised to us'

In recording of closed forum, MK Smotrich says despite Prime Minister's denials, both portfolios were promised to his party.

Mordechai Sones ,

Smotrich (L) and Netanyahu
Smotrich (L) and Netanyahu

In a recording released this evening on Channel 12 news, National Union Chairman MK Betzalel Smotrich spoke at a closed-door activists' conference about Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's promises to the party.

"My friends, I don't think I'm telling you anything new, it's been published more than once, we've had very clear understandings with Netanyahu, two senior portfolios, and it's clear to everyone that we intend to leave Education and Justice in our hands. It's also not an excessive demand, these are two portfolios that were ours," said Smotrich in the recording.

He adds, "I remind you, it's not Naftali Bennett who got them personally, these are our files that were ours and remain for us. This is the conclusion, I suggest not to be alarmed by Netanyahu's denials; every one and his campaign considerations, and that's fine."

Smotrich said in response to the recording's release that "this was said in private conversation with activists, one of which was apparently a left-wing plant who wouldn't hesitate in any way to topple the right-wing government and harm religious Zionism."

The Likud said, "This is a total lie, the Education portfolio will remain in the hands of the Likud."

"Smotrich's admission of a secret deal with Netanyahu to accept the Education, Justice, and Homeland Security Ministries is a direct threat to the democratic regime and brings us to the threshold of a dark and dangerous era," Benny Gantz said. "Anyone who votes for Netanyahu actually votes for Smotrich and Ben-Gvir."

Sources close to Smotrich told Arutz Sheva after the report that the party would be under attack in the coming day with the cooperation of the media and Gantz. "Every time religious Zionism embraces Netanyahu, it gets a knife in the back, while at the same time Bennett and Shaked are trying to siphon our votes.

"Behind the News 12 recording stands Benny Gantz' people. The combination of Gantz lining up with Netanyahu and Bennett's backing off can be a problem for us."