Disparities in IDF unit routine norms

Examining committee recommends series of measures aimed at strengthening initiation and control processes in some commando units.

Mordechai Sones ,

Training elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces
Training elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces
Flash 90

The findings of the IDF Committee to Examine Normative Conduct in Special and Elite Units headed by Major General Itai Virov were presented to the Chief of Staff.

The Committee was appointed in August 2018 due to a number of exceptional incidents that took place in some of the commando units. The examination included meeting with past and present unit commanders, reading and learning theoretical material from various armies around the world as well as IDF educational material, visiting units and conducting unit workshops with the participation of soldiers, officers, and commanders in the regular army and reserves.

The Committee found discrepancies in routine norms in the units, which are reflected in some of the training and courses, including a gaps resulting from team commander training in these units.

The Committee submitted a series of recommendations in these areas, which will be integrated in the process of establishing a commando school.

The Committee also noted the need to make a change in the process of the designated team commander training while opening a designated training course in addition to training the officers.

As part of the process of learning lessons carried out in parallel in the units, initiation and control processes were strengthened and a great emphasis was placed on safety wherever applicable.

The Chief of Staff adopted the team recommendations and instructed that they be implemented immediately, and instructed that a team be established to examine norms, routine procedures, and organizational culture in all IDF units.