The Right could lose power, warns ex-minister ahead of elections

'If Likud doesn't have strong turnout, we may not be able to form next government,' warns ex-minister Gideon Saar.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gideon Saar
Gideon Saar
Marc Israel Sellem

Former Education Minister Gideon Saar (Likud) warned that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the ruling Likud party face a difficult election next week, hinting that the center-left Blue and White party could win the premiership if the Likud’s base fails to turnout in high enough numbers.

Speaking at a conference hosted by Maariv Wednesday, Saar said that the Likud’s return to power in 2009, following a term headed by a Kadima-led government, had led to a dramatic strengthening of Israel’s economy, security, and geo-political prestige and influence. That progress, Saar warned, would be in jeopardy should the Likud lose power after next week’s election.

“Recently, Israel has enjoyed a wide-range of positive political developments, relating to the close ties between Trump and Netanyahu.”

“With all of the challenges over the past decade, we’ve experienced the quietest decade since the establishment of the state. Economically, there have been improvements by every measure and index. That’s the reality. The question now facing Israeli citizens is whether to continue forward, on the path that strengthens Israel, or to go backwards to the bankrupt approaches of the past.”

“We are now facing a period of major challenges – and also opportunities. The opportunities are related to our strengthening political position, and our relationship with Washington. The question is who knows how to face our challenges and solve them. A right-wing government led by Netanyahu, or a left-wing one led by Lapid and Gantz? A team of our best and most experienced, or a hodge-podge group [of candidates] with no connection to each other?

While polls show the Likud rising relative to the Blue and White party, cutting the Blue and White’s average lead from five seats in early March to a single seat, Saar warned that the Likud could be denied the premiership if its base fails to turnout in full.

“If there isn’t a large vote for the Likud, the question of whether we will be given the opportunity to form the next government will be left with a big question mark.”