Bot Plot:
Attorney General finds 'no evidence of prohibited propaganda'

Mandelblit clarifies he has no evidence to substantiate claims Likud operates 'bots network' to disseminate illegal propaganda.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit submitted his position today on the Blue and White, Yesh Atid, and Israel Resilience parties petition to the Central Elections Committee for the 21st Knesset Chairman following the Bot Plot.

The parties asked Justice Meltzer to issue an order instructing the Likud not to fund or operate accounts on social networks, and especially to refrain from publishing prohibited propaganda via these accounts.

This is the result of a report and a press release claiming there is a propaganda network financed and operated by the Likud.

The Attorney General's response states that on the legal level, according to the disclosure obligation in the Elections Law (Propaganda Methods), as interpreted and implemented by the Elections Committee Chairman regarding Internet publications and advertising election propaganda, on the face of things, there is a duty to disclose a party operative activating user accounts on the Twitter network for the purpose of advertising election propaganda.

However, the Attorney General noted in his position that the petition was based on the question of whether election propaganda is being carried out through social networks, financed by the Likud, without proper disclosure, and these factual and perceptive aspects are unknown to the Attorney General.