Pandemonium at election campaign panel: 'Terror supporter'

Students demonstrate before Hadash-Ta'al candidate Ofer Kassif, who called Ayelet Shaked 'neo-Nazi scumbag' and Netanyahu 'murderer'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ofer Kassif: 'Terror supporter'
Ofer Kassif: 'Terror supporter'

Students at the Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem crashed an election panel held today at the college, with the participation of Ofer Kassif from the Hadash-Ta'al list.

The students, who serve in the reserves, wore IDF uniforms, raised Israeli flags, and did not allow Kassif to express his views in the same fashion as Leftist operatives routinely disrupt speech they consider "dangerous".

MK Moti Yogev, who was on the panel, responded to the students' protest with applause and encouraged them to continue.

Yehuda Sharabani, a student of politics and communications at Hadassah College and Im Tirtzu movement activist, said "Ofer Kasif claims that harming IDF soldiers is legitimate. His extremist views harm state security and give a stamp of approval for terrorists to murder Jews. Despite all this, Mr. Kassif wasn't disqualified by the Supreme Court.

"We hope the college management will understand it's forbidden to give terror supporters legitimacy to continue to spread poison against soldiers or Jews hiding behind the façade of a political panel," he added.