Golani fighters refuse order while on call in Gaza

Nine soldiers who were posted to Tze'elim refused to participate in a training drill and were sent to 20 days' detention.

Ben Ariel ,

IDF fighters (archive)
IDF fighters (archive)
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Nine soldiers from the Golani Brigade, who were stationed at the Tze'elim base in the Negev last week during an on-call period along the Gaza border, were sentenced on Monday to 20 days in detention for refusing to participate in a training drill after one of their fellow soldiers was dismissed.

This is one of many disciplinary incidents that were discovered in the unit amid problems between "veteran" and "young" soldiers - and demands that arose from the command staff over this.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in response that "there is no room in the IDF for incidents of ‘veterans vs. youngsters’, and they are not consistent with IDF values. Cases of this type which are discovered are treated with all severity and all steps are taken to eradicate this phenomenon. This is a specific event in which a number of soldiers in the company who took part were disciplined. The company continued its operations as normal and carried out the drill."