Grandfather of murdered baby: Show our enemies we mean business

Grandfather of murdered baby, father of wounded mother calls on government to restore deterrence against terrorists.

Joe Frager ,

Chaim Silberstein
Chaim Silberstein

Arutz Sheva contributor Joe Fraeger spoke to Chaim Silberstein, the grandfather of the baby who was murdered in a terrorist attack in Samaria in December, at the National Council of Young Israel Gala in New York City Sunday night.

Silberstein called on Prime Minister Netanyahu to ensure that the houses of both of the terrorists who shot his pregnant daughter and son-in-law be demolished.

"The house of one of the terrorists has not been destroyed. There were two terrorists, one that shot my daughter and the other that drove the car. The one that drove the car was eliminated a few days later. But we've been carrying on a public campaign for the army to destroy his house, which is the minimum deterrence that should be done. And just a few days ago we finally got the general of the Central Command to issue a destruction order against his house," he said.

"Amazingly enough there are over 30 accomplices who helped him - and also the terrorist from Barkan, 60 accomplices - who helped them, gave them arms, gave them food, gave them shelter. These people's homes should also e destroyed. So there's a lot that can be done even before the next elections," he added.

Silberstein also called on the government to expel the families of terrorists and renew the policy of targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders.

"The new government needs to take actions which will send clear messages to our enemies that we are sovereign here and we are strong and we will be victorious against them.

"Annex at least Area C in Judea and Samaria. Increase our deterrence in a way that they'll feel it very, very deeply. But begin with the small steps. like the destruction of houses, like the expelling of families and targeted assassinations, that people will see that we mean business."

Thousands saluted the "Young Israel" network of synagogues at the National Council of Young Israel Gala in New York City, including Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the Moskowitz family, Oded Revivi, Tommy Hicks and others.