Voting begins in Israel's general election - for overseas staff

Israeli diplomats and foreign ministry employees serving overseas cast first ballots in Israel's elections.

Nitzan Keidar ,

צילום: ISTOCK

Less than two weeks before the elections, Israeli diplomats and their staffs serving abroad have begun to cast their ballots.

Ordinarily, Israelis living or staying abroad are not allowed to vote in the country's election. However, foreign minister employees and diplomatic staff representing Israel abroad are allowed to to vote.

There are about 5,137 eligible Israelis who will vote in 96 Israeli missions spread over 77 countries.throughout the world.

The first to vote will be Israel's representatives at the embassy in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, who will vote today at 10 PM, followed by embassy staff in Canberra, Australia.

The voting will end at the Israeli Embassy in San Francisco on the West Coast of the United States on Friday at 7 am.

The largest ballot box will be placed at the Israeli consulate in New York, where 730 people are expected to vote.

The elections are held in such a broad and wide logistic scope thanks to the recruitment of the consular offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with a local election committee headed by the Israeli Consul.

The Foreign Ministry operates the Situation Room in a special format on Election Day to manage and monitor the election process.