Growing suspicion ramming was terror attack

Yeshiva students run over by Arabs near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem say attackers got out of the car to beat them.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

one of the injured in the hospital
one of the injured in the hospital

There is a growing suspicion that a ramming incident near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem Wednesday was a terrorist attack.

Two yeshiva students were standing on the sidewalk waiting for the light to change when a car carrying two Arabs jumped the curb and struck them.

According to one of the injured, the driver drove back and tried to run over them again. When he did not succeed, the two Arabs got out of the car, beat the wounded, kicked them, and then fled.

One of the injured, Avraham Arend, 28, from the Old City of Jerusalem, described the incident on. "We got off at the Jaffa Gate, a friend of mine and I. We arrived at the traffic light at Jaffa Gate and then a car came and hit us, knocking us to the ground."

""Then he went back to try to hit us again, and then the terrorists got out of the car and we were on the ground. and they started beating and kicking us," he said.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization claimed that the incident was a terrorist attack. "The results are serious injuries and a fractured leg, but it could have easily ended in murder. This is certainly the case with terrorists who identified yeshiva students standing at the junction and took advantage of this moment to carry out an attack."

Bleicher cited the repeated attempts by the attackers to harm the students. "They were not satisfied with the ramming, but went back and began to beat one of the wounded who could not escape. They began to kick him, and after a while they simply fled. We demand full investigation of the incident. We will follow this, we will reach the courts and we will do everything possible so that the terrorists will be brought to justice."

In addition, Attorney Blicher sent a letter to the Jerusalem district commander requesting that the two Arabs be investigated on suspicion of attempted murder, as well as a request to open "an investigation by the Military Police and the Shin Bet and the arrest of collaborators and other terrorist operatives."