Hamas boasts: The occupation got our message

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh "congratulates all who fought Zionist arrogance in Gaza."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh
Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh
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Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh boasted of Hamas' accomplishments in the recent flare-up with Israel this week.

"The resistance said what it had to say and the occupation understood the message," Haniyeh said. I congratulate all those who sought to stop the Zionist arrogance on the Gaza Strip."

He dismissed the destruction of his office by an Israeli airstrike. "I am sure that the headquarters of the Hamas leadership will be rebuilt, a symbol of steadfastness and defiance."

"I call upon our people in Gaza, abroad and in the West Bank, to go out on the occasion of Land Day and take part in demonstrations this weekend," added the Hamas leader.

A political source in Israel responded to Haniyeh's threats. "Haniyeh should find a new office before he brags."

Earlier today, Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi wrote in Arabic on his Facebook account to Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh.

Davidi wrote: "Good morning Haniyeh, I wanted to send you this message by fax or email but I realized you no longer have an office so I will write to you here. I usually turn to the residents of Sderot, but now it's time to go to the other side."

"Ismail Haniyeh, you're a loser!" he wrote. "You take money from donations from the Arab countries that are dedicated to the children of Gaza and you invest them in a war against us and think you can beat us. Yes Haniyeh, it's not easy and we suffer sometimes, but look what happened to Gaza and its infrastructure and how our city Sderot is prosperous.

"You have launched rockets at us for the last 18 years. But obviously you do not know how the city of Sderot has become a prosperous city, attracting hundreds of residents every year, with more and more houses under construction. Tell me, what did you build all this time? Nothing but ruin and destruction.

"True, it is difficult for us to live in this reality forced upon us by a cruel enemy that bombs our population and houses with missiles instead of confronting the IDF, which you are terrified of. "You think you've won, but the reality proves that you've lost a lot. You thought you would turn Sderot into a ghost town, but Sderot is a strong city. You lost and the people of Gaza will lose, change your direction," added the mayor of Sderot.