Soldier injured in ramming attack released from the hospital

IDF soldier seriously injured in attack in Samaria on March 4 finally released from the hospital, plans to return to the army after rehab.

Benny Toker ,

Scene of ramming attack at Kafr Nima, March 4th 2019
Scene of ramming attack at Kafr Nima, March 4th 2019

Capt. Yisrael Meir Elitzur, a company commander in the Kfir Brigade who was seriously wounded in a terrorist attack in Binyamin earlier this month, was released Wednesday from the hospital.

His father, Rabbi Noam Elitzur, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the miracle of his son's survival.

"He really started in a difficult situation. When he arrived there was a systemic injury. It was not clear what damage was done to his brain because he was thrown and found under the vehicle and probably struck his head. He had a great miracle in light of the circumstances and in light of how they found him. It could have been much worse," Rabbi Elitzur said.

"From the start we were hoping, and thank G-d, he pulled through. At first he was in serious condition, but his condition quickly improved and became light," he said. "We are happy that we are in this place thanks to many prayers and divine intervention. We were really wrapped in love."

Rabbi Elitzur is convinced that his son will want to return to the army and to a combat unit. "Now he is released and going to rehabilitation, especially for the leg that was the most damaged. It's a matter of healing and physiotherapy. He has other fractures and injuries in his body - in the shoulder, in the ribs, in his face, but these are things that have to heal on their own. The therapeutic task is rehabilitation around the leg where the open fracture is. Will he go back to the IDF? Absolutely. On a practical level it depends on the state of his leg."

"We were here for about two and a half weeks straight, and then he was moved to the orthopedic department. There were weeks of family time and, the injury notwithstanding, it was nice to spend time with my son. Because as someone who is both married and in the army, you can hardly see him, you can barely talk to him on the phone.

The attack occurred on March 4, when terrorists rammed into a vehicle carrying several IDF soldiers who had stopped at the side of the road near the entrance from Kafr Nimma. The officers fired shots at the terrorists, eliminating two of them and lightly wounding a third.

The wounded soldiers received treatment from Magen David Adom and army medical personnel before being transferred to the hospital.