Rainfall to increase towards weekend

Rain continues in north over week, spreading across Israel on Saturday.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Rain (illustrative)
Rain (illustrative)

The last week of March may not be the end of winter. Though forecasters aren't predicting more hail, rainfall is expected to continue throughout the week, increasing over the weekend.

Wednesday will be partly cloudy. There may be local rainfall in northern and central Israel, and winds will pick up. Temperatures will remain lower than seasonal average.

Wednesday night will be partly cloudy and rain may fall in northern Israel.

Thursday will be partly cloudy with a slight rise in temperature, and a chance of local rainfall in northern Israel.

Friday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, and rain may fall across the country. There may be a isolated thunderstorms, and Israel's southern and eastern streams may flood. Southern Israel may be hazy. Temperatures will be slightly higher than seasonal average.

Saturday will be partly cloudy or cloudy, with a drop in temperatures. There may be local rains and thunderstorms in northern Israel. Southern Israel is expected to be hazy. The rains will pick up on Saturday night, spreading across the country. Southern and eastern streams may flood.