'Gaza rehabilitation a higher priority than the IDF'

Parents of Hadar Goldin demand government act to bring their son's body home as military response to Hamas rockets continues.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Goldin family in Supreme Court
Goldin family in Supreme Court
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The parents of Hadar Goldin, whose body has been held by Hamas in Gaza for nearly five years, sent a personal letter to the ministers in the political-security cabinet on Tuesday afternoon in response to the escalation in the south.

In their letter to the ministers, Dr. Leah and Prof. Simcha Goldin wrote: "We have been carrying difficult feelings and painful words for four and a half years. Since the end of Operation Protective Edge, we feel that the policy of the governments of Israel, and especially of the current government, is that the rehabilitation of Gaza is higher on the national agenda than the values ​​of the IDF and Israeli society. "

According to the parents, "the understandings of the end of the Operation Protective Edge never existed because, in fact, 'Operation Protective Edge did not end. Hamas repeatedly violates the cease-fire that ended the fighting and renewed the firing on all of the communities in the vicinity and central Israel.".

"Operation Protective Edge has not ended as long as the IDF soldiers, Lieutenant Hadar Goldin of the Givati ​​Brigade and Staff Sergeant Oron Shaul of the Golani Brigade, have not been returned," added the parents. "Now another opportunity has come. While the IDF is beating Hamas, it must flip the equation and making the holding of fallen IDF soldiers captive by Hamas terrorists a burden for them."

"You have the responsibility and the authority, and you have the opportunity, do it, Bring back Hadar and return the values ​​of the IDF to the State of Israel," they concluded.