Israeli, US lawmakers join hundreds at 4th Yesha Council event

Guests include Ambassador Dani Dayan, Minister Tzachi Hangebi, Fmr Minister Gidon Saar, MK Amir Ohana, retired British Colonel Richard Kemp.

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Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses AIPAC 2019
Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi addresses AIPAC 2019
Yossi May

Oded Revivi will become the first Yesha Council leader to officially address AIPAC this afternoon, in a move which appears to signal the warming of relations between the two organizations. Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters packed into a Yesha Council event last night, held at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, to express support for the flourishing Israeli towns, villages and cities across Judea and Samaria. Guests included Ambassador Dani Dayan, Minister Tzachi Hangebi, Former Minister Gidon Saar, Member of Knesset Amir Ohana and retired British Colonel Richard Kemp.

Oded Revivi, Chief Foreign Envoy of the Yesha Council and Mayor of Efrat told those gathered that: “It is our mission to create a reality and show a reality that Jews and Arabs can live alongside the other in understanding and in cooperation, when that will become general knowledge throughout the international community then our future will be secure.”

Gidon Saar, went on to stress the importance of Judea and Samaria, predicting that like the Golan, it would also become globally recognized as sovereign Israeli territory: “It is not temporary. It will always be part of is really the heart of our land. We will never agree to establish a new Arab state in the heart of our land. The settlements themselves help the security of Israel. Some 38 years ago, when Israel legislated its law exercising sovereignty over the Golan Heights, we were strongly criticized, so today it is a very good time to remember that our objective is to be sovereign everywhere were the Jews are living in the heart of Israel.”

Stressing the significance of holding a Yesha Council event at the Museum of the Bible, Likud lawmaker Amir Ohana stated: “I have a tremendous respect for the story of the Jewish people. When I open the book, that tells that story and I see that more than 80% of the stories in the bible took place in Judea and Samaria”.

Retired Colonel Richard Kemp who formerly led British troops in Afghanistan took to the stage to highlight the strategic importance of Judea and Samaria to Israel’s future: “We need to reject the idea that Judea & Samaria could ever fall outside the security sphere and umbrella of the IDF. It is simply not possible for the IDF to leave Judea and Samaria, both the border and the depth of the area and still have any possibility that the security of Israel can be maintained.”

Oded Revivi heads international operations in his capacity as Yesha Council Chief Foreign Envoy, in addition to his being the Mayor of Efrat.