Jonathan Burkan-An Unsung Hero

Jewish Philanthropist Jonathan Burkan finally receives the recognition he deserves with appointment to US Holocaust Memorial Council.

Dr. Joseph Frager ,

Jonathan Burkan
Jonathan Burkan
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I usually travel to Israel with Mega-Zionist and Philanthropist, Ken Abramowitz. Ken has introduced me to some very unique people over the years. One such person is Jonathan Burkan. It all started out at one of Mort Klein’s incredible ZOA Dinners a few years ago.

At the time I was looking to take Congressmen to Israel on fact finding missions. Jonathan Burkan pulled out his Rolodex over hors d’oeuves at the Grand Hyatt. I was in shock and awe. Actually, I could not believe that one individual could be so connected. Turns out Burkan is now the Finance Chairman for the New York State GOP Congressional Committee and on the Leadership Council of the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is a strong and ever present voice for a robust U.S. Israel relationship.

In May of 2017, on one of my trips with Governor Mike Huckabee, Jonathan traveled to Israel together with me for the first time. We were among a handful of Americans who attended President Trump’s historic speech at the Israel Museum. We also visited the Friends of Zion Museum with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. All in all it was a once in a lifetime experience. Subsequently we have traveled to Israel with a who’s who of prominent Americans.

Jonathan was recently appointed to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council by President Trump. He has emerged as one of our nation's most influential Jewish communal leaders.

He is involved with several Jewish philanthropic organizations. He is a member of the Young Israel of Harrison. He is serving as Dinner Journal Chairman of the National Council of Young Israel Dinner on March 31st in Manhattan. He is a past member of the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA).

Burkan received his MBA in Finance from Vanderbilt University. He is a 20 year veteran of Wall Street. He has appeared on numerous occasions on Fox Business, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

Jonathan works tirelessly for the Jewish community. His efforts are finally getting noticed. He is truly an unsung hero.