Haredi campaign focuses on 'Lapid threat'

UTJ campaign under slogan 'Moment of truth'. Rationale: Blunt reminder from Netanyahu-Lapid government days that shrunk haredi economy.

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Mordechai Sones ,

Netanyahu and Lapid confer as MK Litzman sits outside of earshot
Netanyahu and Lapid confer as MK Litzman sits outside of earshot
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United Torah Judaism launched its election campaign in the last few days under the slogan "The moment of truth".

The idea behind the slogan is to give a blunt reminder from the days of the Netanyahu-Lapid government that diminished the haredi economy.

"We don't create imaginary reality," UTJ explained. "We don't come with imaginary scare campaigns. We direct UTJ voters to follow latest developments, read public opinion polls, recall what happened here five years ago with the Lapid government, and connect the dots.

"The result will be self-explanatory: If we don't maximize haredi strength, we may find ourselves returning to a reigning Lapid government; we don't want to be there," they said.

"We must do everything for this message to permeate every Jewish home in the coming month," the party's information headquarters said. "We won't leave a stone unturned and we'll visit every nook and cranny to arouse the public from complacency and prevent the possibility of returning, Heaven forbid, four-and-a-half years backwards."