4 injured in Gush Etzion crash

13-year-old boy in serious condition, 19-year-old woman in moderate condition after car loses traction on wet road.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of Thursday's accident
Scene of Thursday's accident
Fire and Rescue

Four people were injured, including one in serious condition, in a traffic accident in the Gush Etzion area southwest of Jerusalem Thursday morning.

The accident occurred on Route 367, near the Gevaot Junction between Gush Etzion and Beit Shemesh.

According to initial reports, the vehicle the four injured victims had been riding in lost traction on the road after rain made the pavement slick. After the driver of the car lost control, the car crashed into a second vehicle.

MDA emergency first responders were called to the scene to treat the injured and evacuate them to the hospital.

A total of four people were treated at the scene, including a 13-year-old boy listed in serious condition, a 19-year-old woman in moderate condition, the driver, a man roughly 30 years of age, in light-to-moderate condition, and a man roughly 40 years of age in light condition.

The 13-year-old boy, who suffered the most serious injuries in the crash, was evacuated while sedated and on assisted breathing, after having suffered multi-system injuries. The 19-year-old woman was evacuated while conscious, with contusions across her torso.

“When we arrived at the scene, we saw two cars on the right,” said MDA paramedic Aharon Adler and Idit Zahavi, who responded to the accident. “Some of the passengers of the private car were trapped inside. We extricated a teenager roughly 18 years of age who was fully conscious, who had suffered contusions on her chest and stomach. Fire and Rescue teams rescued a 13-year-old boy in serious condition, who suffered multi-system injuries. We provided life-saving medical treatment to the victims, and sedated the boy and put him on assisted breathing. After giving first aid treatment in the field, we evacuated the injured to the hospital.”