Smotrich: 'Running after false messiah Feiglin'

National Union Chair: 'Collection of invertebrate creatures lining up with any populist fashion now chasing after false messiah Feiglin.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

National Union Chairman Betzalel Smotrich attacked the flow of support for the Zehut Party and Moshe Feiglin in light of his desire to legalize cannabis in Israel.

"What we're seeing in recent days is a collection of invertebrate creatures who line up with every populist fashion and now chase after the false messiah Feiglin to get a few more votes. It's the farthest thing from leadership there is. If you've believed in it the entire time, why do you just remember now?" wonders Smotrich.

Meanwhile, the Zehut party filed a complaint with the police and assigned a bodyguard to party leader Feiglin.

The complaint was filed following what the party called "a wave of unbridled attacks on the part of the right and left-wing parties, the incitement of hatred, the dissemination of false information and imaginary manipulations."

"Both sides, concerned about the emergence of Zehut in the polls and its position as a party that will be a balance between the Right and Left blocs, are trying to incite hatred against Feiglin. As a result, extremists on the Right and the Left are threatening his life." the party said.