Dear Leftists, you bring war and bloodshed

Yair Netanyahu, son of the Prime Minister, publishes post on Facebook comparing security situation during Left regime with past ten years.

Yair Netanyahu ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

While the Left made "peace" with the Oslo Accords, and a meaningless paper was signed on the White House lawn, every day a bus or restaurant exploded here and Jews were murdered.

While the Left says today there's no hope for peace, and it's true there's been no ceremony with a signature on a piece of paper, but the security situation is the calmest since the establishment of the State, the economy is flourishing, there's a record number of tourists arriving in Israel, Israel's at the height of its international status since King Solomon's reign, and our relations with most of the Arab countries are in the best condition ever.

Only a few months ago, the Prime Minister was on an official visit to Oman, a Muslim Arab country in the Gulf.

A month ago he was at a conference in Warsaw with all the Arab leaders and sat with them at the same table. There was hardly a day when he didn't meet with senior figures in the Arab world in general and the Gulf in particular.

For the first time in its history, Israel's beginning to be recognized as a legitimate state in the Middle East by many countries in the region.

All this was achieved not by concessions of our land or our honor, but by building strength that impresses our Arab neighbors and by building bridges based on common interests, especially against the common enemy of all of us - Iran!

Dear Leftists: When you talk peace - you bring war and bloodshed.

When we talk strength, we bring peace!