Naftali Bennett:
'I will bring the IDF back to being lethal and victorious'

New Right chairman: I am not entering a government that promotes a Palestinian state, period.

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Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
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Education Minister and New Right chairman Naftali Bennett made clear on Friday that he will not sit in a government that will agree to hand over parts of the land of Israel, even if this government is led by Binyamin Netanyahu.

In an interview with the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, Bennett said, "I am not entering a government that promotes a Palestinian state, period. Any government that hands over territories - even if it is headed by Netanyahu - I will not be there. I will not lend a hand to handing over territories."

"I want peace no less than the left, but the way to achieve peace is not the Gantzian narrow, weak way that is afraid to confront and defeat the enemy. The Gantzian way looks for a humane tie in the fight - I am looking for a decision. If they allow me to be the defense minister, I will bring the IDF back to being lethal and victorious,” he said.

According to Bennett, Netanyahu under certain circumstances paints himself as the leader of the right-wing camp, but in practice implements another agenda. "Whoever does not destroy the homes of terrorists - is not right-wing. Netanyahu is not fighting terror - that’s not right-wing. Netanyahu transfers money to Hamas - that’s not right-wing. Netanyahu does not evacuate Khan al-Ahmar - that's not right-wing."

Bennett blamed Benny Gantz and Moshe Ya'alon, heads of the Blue and White party, for the failure of properly dealing with the threat of the terrorist tunnels. "Bogie and Gantz are responsible for one of the biggest security failures of recent decades: Allowing dozens of tunnels to be dug under the nose of the State of Israel, not preparing any plan, providing no solution and giving up."

The chairman of the New Right responded to Gantz's statement that the generals who make up the leadership of the Blue and White Party have 117 years of security experience, saying, “And what came of these 117 years of experience? It emerged that Bogie and Gantz had allowed Hezbollah to become a superpower. They messed up. It emerged that Gantz fled Lebanon and abandoned the South Lebanon Army, and it emerged that Bogie and Gantz had fallen asleep on duty under 30 terrorist tunnels.”

"Of all those 117 years-when did they last win? Maybe 117 years ago. It's time we started winning. If the Israeli people trust me, I will bring Israel back to a position that it will begin to win," promised the Education Minister.

"I see the role of the military echelon as coming up with operational plans to defeat the enemy. In the six years that I have been there, I have not seen Bogie and Gantz coming with operational plans to defeat the enemy. Generals with 117 years of experience come and explain why we should do nothing,” said Bennett.

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