IDF trains for terror attack at Ramon Airport

IDF, security forces hold drill simulating massive terror attack at new Ramon International Airport in the south.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

large-scale drill at Ramon International Airport
large-scale drill at Ramon International Airport
IDF spokesperson

The IDF held a special exercise at the new Ramon International Airport near Eilat last week, to test the force's level of preparedness for a terrorist incident at the airport.

"An international airport, by its very nature, is a focal point for events and threats of every kind," said Col. Yuval Ben-Dov, the man behind the exercise. "Situations of plane crossing or foreign entry into airports are scenarios that occurred in the past, and it is our duty to prepare ourselves for any scenario that might happen."

The opening shot of the exercise occurred when a "terrorist" from the "enemy forces" entered the airport from the nearby border, while other armed terrorists began deploying in the area. The news of the infiltration first came to the director of the exercise, who was located in the red formation, which quickly updated all the relevant elements in the field, which decided unanimously - a increase in the forces in the field is required.

In addition to the forces of the Eilat Brigade, which operated the event, additional security units, not military ones, joined the various uniforms to reinforce the cooperation required of them in real time with the IDF. "We worked in cooperation with the Border Police, the Israel Police, the IDF, the MDA and the Airports Authority," the commander of the exercise recalled. "Everyone was mobilized at the same time and they had to work together to succeed in stopping the event."

Shortly after the arrival of the forces, they were exposed to the main scenario of the exercise - a multi-casualty incident at the heart of the airport, as a result of the terrorists firing at civilians.

"Sharpness is the name of the game," says Col. Ben-Dov. "When you receive reports of the burning of an aviation gas station alongside an infiltration event, all that can be done is to act as you are trained to, to exercise your judgment and to use all the means at your disposal."

The soldiers dispersed throughout the area, located the terrorists hiding in the corridors of the field and in the orchards nearby, and succeeded, step by step, in arresting all the terrorists and transferring the wounded for evacuation to the hospital for treatment.

"In order to make it possible to use the environment as much as possible, we used the mechanics and the tools at our disposal, and created a sense of real distress," said Colonel Ben-Dov, "from the moment a soldier or paramedic set foot in the field, he was practiced. We wanted to create situations that would raise questions, so that at the moment of truth, they would not have a single question mark, and they would be able to operate smoothly from the moment the problem was identified until it was thwarted."