Bedouin soldier roughed up by security guards

Guards beat IDF soldier who refused to provide ID, put bag in X-Ray machine at Be'er Sheva railway.

Gary Willig ,

Soldiers at train station
Soldiers at train station
Flash 90

A Bedouin IDF soldier was beaten by security guards at a train station Be'er Sheva after he refused to identify himself or allow the guards to search his belongings Sunday morning, YNET reported.

During the altercation, one of the guards struck the soldier on the head with the barrel of his gun.

Video of the incident shows the two guards holding the soldier on the ground as he bleeds from a head wound.

According to Israel Railways, the incident began when the soldier refused to show his ID proving he was an IDF soldier and to place his bag in an X-Ray machine.

The guards responded by telling the soldier that they would detain him, at which point the soldier called his officer and attempted "to force his way through the barrier into the station," prompting the guards to use violence, Israel Railways said.

Magen David paramedics called to the scene were unable to locate the wounded person.

No complaint has been filed with the police as of press time.

"During a routine security check at the Be'er Sheva central railway station, the soldier refused to comply with the procedures and even attempted to forcefully break into the station,” Israel Railways said in a statement.

“The soldier confronted a security guard at the entrance to the station, prompting him to use force to prevent the passenger from entering the premises, in accordance with the security procedures of Israel Police,” added the statement.