'Look what they're saying in the US about the persecution'

PM cites Fox News program blasting "trumped-up charges" against him. "Look what they're saying on one of the most viewed US programs."

Tal Polon ,

Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin Netanyahu
Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Sunday referred to the announcement on Thursday of the recommended corruption charges against him. He posted a video to his Facebook account from the “Fox and Friends” program on Fox News, urging Israelis to “see what they’re saying on one of the most viewed programs in the US about the persecution against me.”

In the video clip, Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth is seen saying that Netanyahu’s opponents “have not been able to beat Netanyahu at the ballot box, so they’re trying to beat him through these trumped-up...he calls it a witch-hunt, call it what our president calls it...trumped-up charges.”

“What they’re charging him with is, first of all, he got a cigar from a friend, which strikes me as a good thing. Second of all, he got positive press from a website apparently, due to changes in regulations. If you actually look at that website, it’s been overwhelmingly negative coverage to him.

“This is because the deep state in Israel, the bureaucracy there, hates him, they can’t beat him. The people love him, they appreciate what he’s done for the state of Israel and, as a result, he will fight this and he will beat this.”