Terrorist's brother serves as his lawyer

Attorney Haim Bleicher shocked to see brother of terrorist banned from entering Israel sitting on terrorist's defense team.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Haim Bleicher
Haim Bleicher
Hezki Baruch

Three years ago, Yisrael Ben-Aharon was stabbed in a terrorist attack in Gush Etzion. Ben-Aharon's lawyer, attorney Haim Bleicher of the Honenu legal organization, was surprised to see the terrorist's brother join the defense team during the trial.

The brother on the defense team is the same brother who was at the terrorist's bedside in a Hevron hospital when undercover soldiers arrested him. He was prevented from entering Israel due to being a first-degree relative of a lone terrorist.

Attorney Bleicher sent a letter on the subject to the president of the military courts, Maj. Gen. Doron Feilis, the OC Central Command, Nadav Padan, and the Military Advocate General, Major General Sharon Afek.

In his letter, Bleicher related how the brother wore "a number of hats: a defense witness, a defense attorney, is expelled from Israel because he is a first-degree relative to the defendant, and who collaborates and assists in the offenses his brother after the fact."

Bleicher said that after the attack, undercover soldiers entered the hospital in Hevron and arrested the terrorist, but did not arrest his brother who was sitting next to him. "During the operation he was next to his terrorist brother, while the brother [who was not arrested] allegedly committed the offense of complicity in committing an offense and assisting in his escape from the security forces."

According to Bleicher, "in the hearing of the arguments for the punishment it became clear that the brother who according to his testimony assisted the terrorist after the fact, in a manner that constitutes an offense against the laws of the region and who is forbidden to enter Israel, serves as an attorney in the defense attorney's office and freely walks around in the military court." It was further stated that other witnesses refused to come to testify in court for fear of their lives, after threats by the terrorist and his family.

Bleicher wrote in his appeal that "it is not acceptable that a system that on the one hand the judges enable the terrorist's brother who assisted him after an offense to work for him in the case of that terrorist ... There is no congruence between the administrative act that forbids the terrorist family from entering the country and the status that the brother received as a lawyer. The terrorist entered Israel and the status of the brother was as a lawyer with access to sensitive areas, such as the court offices and the prosecutors' offices."

At the end of the letter, Bleicher argued that the prohibition against entry to Israel should be enforced. "Members of the family of terrorists who have been issued an injunction against entry into Israel cannot serve in the defense teams at Ofer Military Base, and this should be anchored in practice."

Attorney Haim Bleicher said he was shocked by the incident: "This is a very serious phenomenon that should shock all the victims of the hostilities, the bereaved families and the citizens of Israel out of their wits. The state, on the one hand, declares that it acts in deterrence against the terrorists and their families in order to prevent terror. On the other hand, we discover that the brother of a terrorist who is prevented from entering Israel, who assisted in the escape of the terrorist when IDF soldiers risked their lives to arrest the terrorist, comes to court and even enters the area of ​​authorized persons only where the victims of the offense go."

"This is a scenario that even the sages of Chelm could not think about, and this incident is a serious blow to the victims of terror and a grave danger to security," Bleicher added.