Watch: Surprise General Staff Gaza fighting exercise

Armor, artillery, air, intelligence take part in three-day surprise exercise to examine Southern Command preparedness for Gaza fighting.

Mordechai Sones ,

Surprise General Staff Gaza fighting exercise
Surprise General Staff Gaza fighting exercise
IDF Spokesman

A surprise three-day multi-force General Staff exercise ended this afternoon at the National Land Training Center in Tze'elim.

The exercise included moving forces from combat sectors, gathering forces, readiness arrangements, and multi-force fighting in the Gaza Strip. The exercise included infantry, armor, artillery, air, communications, and intelligence.

The IDF noted that the multi-force exercise was designed to examine force capabilities and their operational preparedness for battle in the Gaza Strip. The Southern Command exercised rapid force, firepower, and combat teams including air, maneuver, combat assistance, and logistical assistance.

During the exercise, combat forces practiced providing the logistics, maintenance, mobility, and medicine (LM3) envelope, and the logistical assistance company was trained to provide an emergency envelope in the field and an optimal response for maximizing force capabilities and the new medical staff.

The multi-arm exercise was carried out in a quick battle procedure, including warfare in built-up areas and night fighting on armored personnel carriers and tanks. Chief of Staff Lt. Col. Aviv Kochavi joined the live-fire exercise today, after which he spoke with fighters and commanders participating in the exercise. Major General Kobi Barak and Technology and Logistics Division head Major General Itzik Turgeman joined the visit.

As part of the battle exercise, ground forces Commander Major General Kobi Barak examined the weapons, equipment, and readiness of the fighting forces.