Smotrich fears government of Netanyahu, Bennett, and Gantz

MK Smotrich hopes after elections he will be senior partner in Netanyahu government; 'Only moral party of Torah and faith can be trusted.'

Benny Toker ,

Flash 90

National Union Chairman and number 2 in the joint leadership of the union of right-wing parties MK Betzalel Smotrich said in an interview with Arutz Sheva that he is convinced the public will trust their united list.

"I think today it's clear to everyone that we've taken the necessary and needed step to preserve religious Zionist representation in the Knesset and to preserve the right-wing bloc and the government in the face of Trump's Deal of the Century plan.

"The union's also important to the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. Woe to us if we're to have a government of Bibi, Bennett, and Gantz with Yair Lapid with all the implications of such a government for the important issue of the Jewish identity of the State of Israel. When you vote for us you're voting for the only party that's really committed to religious Zionism's values ​​and vision.

"I think that within the Right bloc one more seat for Likud or one less seat for Likud isn't what'll matter, but there's only one party that can be trusted as truly committed not to itself, not to its opportunistic political aspirations, or how it will get to one seat or another the fastest, but is really committed to the idea and values of the religious public."

MK Smotrich is not worried about surveys flattering the Blue and White party. "I think this connection in the Left is good. Because today the elections in the State of Israel are between the true and the fake, between the path of vision and values ​​and a collection of opportunists that have no non-political or non-economic common denominator and are all the product of PR and media consultants dictating them speeches on teleprompters.

"Will someone tell me what's the common denominator between Ofer Shelah and Tzvika Hauser or the common denominator between Yair Lapid and Avi Nissenkorn - there isn't and never was. They have one common denominator: To topple the right-wing government, and I think the Israeli public in the end is smarter. It's more responsible and wants to get up in the morning and know where it's going. There's now some sort of wow about the public relations exercise, but as I said, I believe in the People of Israel. I believe that most of them want a path, not an anti-Bibi party or an anti-rightist government."

He says chiefs of staff do not necessarily know how to run a state. "They don't have a green idea about politics or economics or anything else. People who haven't seen the Knesset a single day have no idea how laws are legislated, they have no idea of ​​the relationship between the Knesset and the government. They'll have to get up tomorrow morning to make a train or pave a road and conduct the simple life of the State of Israel and have no idea. So I think people will slowly realize that this big nothing is really a nothing. The stardust will dissipate and people will return to the place with spine and values."

Smotrich calls upon lovers of the Land of Israel to vote for "the only value-based party". "In current polls, the right-wing bloc is still leading and that's what's important, not how many seats the Likud has as opposed to Blue and White. No one but Netanyahu has the ability to create a majority in the coalition and therefore the President cannot impose on anyone but him. But if he's too strong, we can reach Yamit or uprooting Gush Katif or the Hevron agreement. We've already seen what too big and strong a Likud is capable of.

"Therefore, the Likud must be a ruling party and to its Right should be a large, strong party that can be believed in. It cannot be relied upon only sometimes, and not only the number 1 or the number 2 on the list should be known but the entire list, all of whom are ethical and reliable people who come from Torah and faith and therefore they can be relied upon and trusted. I think there's only one such party and I'm privileged to be among its leaders.

He says there is indeed a danger that without their list being strong in the Knesset, Netanyahu will compromise with Trump, "It's a great fear and it should be clear this plan was forged between Trump and Netanyahu. Netanyahu's aware of it and Trump wouldn't have done anything above Netanyahu's head or behind his back. This program by all indications includes very, very problematic components. We'll need a very strong force in the Knesset to succeed in standing up to it and make it clear to Netanyahu that he cannot in any way go for dangerous concessions, neither in settlement nor in Jerusalem.

He attacks the Prime Minister for his handling of the goings-on in the Gate of Mercy compound, "Netanyahu's behavior in the last few days on the Temple Mount is simply a disgrace. Amona was destroyed because he said he couldn't act contrary to a judicial order and the same at Netiv HaAvot. Here there's a judicial order that left the Gate of Mercy compound closed and suddenly the violence and Arab aggression and Jordan's chutzpah and Netanyahu folds as he folded in the matter of magnetometers."

MK Smotrich believes he will make it difficult for Netanyahu to form a government with Gantz and Lapid. "In my opinion, his maneuvering room after the elections won't be so large, because at least some indictments will be filed, which automatically takes out a large part of the components of Blue and White. Therefore, I don't see Netanyahu easily establishing a government with Gantz and if we're big and strong we can assume that he can't manage without us."