Israel bars Jews from protesting at illegal Bedouin encampment

Regavim prepares roadside sign protesting government failure to evacuate Khan al Ahmar; Civil Admin impounds sign, claiming it 'illegal'.

Mordechai Sones ,

Civil Administration removes protest signs
Civil Administration removes protest signs

Members of the Regavim team came to a spot near Khan al Ahmar to hang a sign protesting government failure to enforce the Supreme Court decision allowing the demolition of an illegal Palestinian Authority outpost overlooking Route 1.

The protest sign, designed to mimic signs posted near government construction projects, carried replicas of the emblems of the Prime Minister's Office, the European Union, and the Palestinian Authority. The full text of the sign read:

Khan al Ahmar
Developer and Contractor: The Palestinian Authority
Engineer: Salaam Fayyad
Oversight and Legal Counsel: The European Union
Security and International Spokesman: Office of the Prime Minister of Israel

Minutes after Regavim's arrival at the designated spot the Israel Police arrived and in short order, Civil Administration inspectors were called to the scene. The latter decided to impound the sign and all tools that would have been used to set it up on the grounds that posting the sign is illegal construction.

Regavim's Spokesperson said: "This absurdity demonstrates, more than anything we could have said or done, the bizarre conduct of the Israeli government.

"Enforcement measures against the posting of a sign are carried out swiftly and efficiently, while Khan al Ahmar has been standing undisturbed for years, demolition orders are collecting dust, and the final decision of the Supreme Court has become nothing more than a bad joke.

"The government takes no enforcement action and the rule of law is nowhere to be found. Netiv HaAvot – yes, Khan al Ahmar-no."