'Trump couldn't be more passionate about fighting anti-Semitism'

US State Department envoy for combating anti-Semitism Elan Carr addresses Conference of Presidents in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Elan Carr
Elan Carr
Matty Stern, US Embassy

US State Department envoy for combating anti-Semitism Elan Carr addressed the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem Thursday.

"On behalf of the United States, it is a privilege to say I am addressing you in the capital of the Jewish people and the State of Israel, Yerushalayim!" Carr told the audience.

"It was out capital 3,00 years ago when King David made this the capital of the Jewish polity. It is the capital of the Jewish people today. And it will be the capital of the Jewish people for all eternity," he added.

"The world's greatest power, the Unite States, is focused by law and by design on the protection of the Jewish people in the world. This is something not to be taken for granted.

"It is not only Congress that, through creating my office, has invested itself in a bipartisan fashion with the protection of the Jewish people throughout the world, but the President of the United States could not be more passionate about this issue, and my boss, the Secretary of State, could not be more determined that this great scourge of anti-Semitism. this human disease, the oldest hatred, be combated with every fiber we have," he said.

Carr noted the global rise in anti-Semitic incident around the world, both in traditional anti-Semitism and the "new anti-Semitism" which cloaks itself as anti-Zionism.

"We are not going to ignore any part of the world" when combating anti-Semitism, Carr stressed. "We are not going to be ignoring any part of the ideological spectrum. Jew-hatred is Jew-hatred, and we are going to combat it and we are going to oppose it regardless of the ideological clothing in which it dresses itself, whether it is the traditional anti-Semitism of the supremacists and ultra-nationalists, or whether it is this vile new anti-Semitism of the anti-nationalists or the anti-Zionists."