Aliza Lavie leaves Yesh Atid

MKs Aliza Lavie, Haim Jelin, leave Yesh Atid party after being told they won't receive realistic spot on the list.

Hezki Baruch ,

MK Aliza Lavie
MK Aliza Lavie
Flash 90

MK Aliza Lavie on Friday morning announced her decision to leave the Yesh Atid party.

The announcement comes after party chairman Yair Lapid told Lavie that she would not be placed in a realistic spot on the party list.

Yesh Atid MK Haim Jelin received a similar notification on Thursday, after which he decided to leave the party and not run in the coming elections.

According to News 12, sources close to Jelin quoted him as saying that Lapid "kicked me out. He brought lots of new people and made them promises. Lapid doesn't think for a second about the residents of the Gaza border area, who I represent in the Knesset. All that interests him is showing off a sparkly list of new people who will compete against [Benny] Gantz. Gantz unnerved him."

In an official statement, Jelin said, "Since I immigrated to Israel as a lone soldier and settled in Kibbutz Be'eri (near the Gaza border - ed.), I have insisted on serving society and the country in every job I do. This is how I will continue to act in the future as well. I am a farmer, a settler, a resident of the Gaza border area, and above everything else, I am a Zionist who loves this country."

"My values are my landscape, every day and every hour. For me, it's not just a slogan that lasts until elections, it's not a show, and I have no need for stage instructions."