Russia: US policy could lead to Israel-Lebanon war

Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon says US trying to "sow discord" in the region, warns its policy could spark Israel-Lebanon conflict.

Ben Ariel ,

Israeli soldiers guard near border with Lebanon in town of Metulla
Israeli soldiers guard near border with Lebanon in town of Metulla

Russia’s Ambassador to Lebanon warned on Saturday that the US policy in the region could spark a new conflict between Israel and Lebanon.

Speaking with the Russian Sputnik news agency, Ambassador Alexander Zasypkin said that the United States' actions are aimed at sowing discord in the region.

"As for a conflict between Israel and Lebanon, nothing can be predicted with certainty because the region is at a crossroads. Peoples are demanding the settlement of existing crises, the return to a peaceful life, the development of cooperation. A negative alternative to this is the incitement of new conflicts by the Americans, which could involve many countries as well as ethnic and religious forces," the diplomat said.

Zasypkin said that instead of trying to deal with tensions in the region together with Russia and other countries, the United States has launched a campaign against Iran and Hezbollah, making the situation the region even more volatile.

The Ambassador added that Hezbollah has played an important role in crushing terrorists in Syria, siding with the Syrian government and its allies.

"When events started unfolding in Syria, Hezbollah sided with its lawful authorities, seeing the fight against terrorists in the region as its duty. Hezbollah became directly involved in military operations at Syria’s request, alongside Russia and Iran. The party took a responsible approach to what was happening in Syria and the region as a whole and contributed significantly to terrorists’ defeat," he told Sputnik.

Zasypkin called Hezbollah a powerful political party that is actively involved in the work of Lebanon’s parliament and government in support of stability, security, interfaith peace, and national dialogue.

"After the formation of a new government, the party’s secretary general, Hassan Nasrallah, notably urged political forces to refrain from fighting among themselves and to take on massive challenges the country faces," he claimed.

Hezbollah has actively helped Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad’s troops in the war against rebels trying to topple him.

Nasrallah has promised that his group will be wherever is needed in Syria and has also declared he was willing to go fight in Syria himself.

Iran, which is Hezbollah’s main sponsor, is also helping Assad but has denied that it has a presence in Syria and has also denied that it sent Hezbollah to fight there.

Hezbollah is blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the West and even by some Arab countries, but nevertheless has a strong political presence in Lebanon.

Last week, a new government was formed in Lebanon in which Hezbollah is a major partner and received an increased number of ministries.