Newborn baby found abandoned in Netanya street

Baby born just hours earlier found abandoned in street in Netanya, wrapped in towel and suffering from hypothermia.

David Rosenberg ,

Newborn (stock image)
Newborn (stock image)
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A newborn baby was found abandoned on a city street in Netanya Wednesday morning, just hours after his birth.

A woman in her 40s discovered the abandoned infant, took him into her apartment, and reported the incident to the MDA emergency response organization.

MDA’s Sharon district center reported that the child was found apparently several hours after his birth, and was left outside with no clothing whatsoever, wrapped only in a towel.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene found the child suffering from hypothermia after being left out in the cold. The MDA volunteers treated the child at the scene, then evacuated him to Laniado Hospital in Netanya for further treatment.

The child is said to be in light and stable condition.

Officials at MDA say it appears that the child was abandoned by his mother just minutes after his birth.

“When I got to the street, a woman in her 40s waved me up from the street, signaling to me to go up to her apartment,” said MDA paramedic Daniel Abergil.

“She told me that she found the baby in the street, and took him up to her apartment. I checked the baby, who was conscious and crying, and found that he was suffering from a light case of hypothermia. I wrapped him in a blanked to help warm him up. We prepared a mobile intensive care unit for him, putting the heater on, then evacuated him in stable condition. for further checks at Laniado Hospital in Netanya.”