Onetime Dutch MP critical of Islam converts to Islam

Former member of Geert Wilders’ Freedom party who called the Koran "poison" says he decided to convert while writing a book about Islam.

Guy Cohen ,

Mosque (illustrative)
Mosque (illustrative)

A former member of Geert Wilders’ right-wing Freedom party in the Netherlands announced that he is converting to Islam.

Joram van Klaveren, 39, said that he decided to convert while writing a book about Islam, in the course of which he came across many things "that made my view on Islam falter," he told Dutch radio.

Van Klaveren was a member of Parliament for the Freedom party between 2010 and 2014. He was a harsh critic of Islam and said, among other things, that "Islam is a lie" and "the Koran is poison."

He left the party after Wilders asked the audience at a rally of supporters if they wanted more or less Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands and the audience responded, "Less! Less!"

Van Klaveren established his own party, but failed to win a seat in the 2017 national elections and quit politics.

He is not the first Freedom party member who has converted to Islam, having been preceded by Arnoud van Doorn, who praised van Klaveren for his decision on Twitter.