Watch: Vehicle catches fire in Harel interchange

Firefighting and rescue teams on the scene as car involved in accident bursts into flames inside tunnel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

car on fire
car on fire
Fire and Rescue Spokesman, Beit Shemesh Station

Four firefighting and rescue teams, under the command of the commander of the Bet Shemesh substation station, Mishnaot Reuven Yitzhak, were called to the Harel interchange on Route 1 following a report of a vehicle that had burst into flames.

The fire apparently began due to an accident between vehicles inside the Harel Tunnel, and the fire department is working to extinguish the flames and to ventilate the tunnel from the fire.

It is currently unknown whether anyone is trapped inside the vehicle.

The tunnel was closed in both directions. A short time ago the western-bound side was reopened to traffic.