Joe's path: From Chabad to the haredi Paratroopers

Joe Brikman serves in the haredi Paratrooper battalion. In a personal interview, he talks openly about childhood abuse, and joining the IDF.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Joe Brikman speaking with Arutz Sheva
Joe Brikman speaking with Arutz Sheva
Arutz Sheva

Hetz, the Haredi program in IDF paratroopers is a continuation of the Nahal Haredi program, which was founded 19 years ago with the backing of a group of haredi rabbis in order to integrate young haredi men into the Israel Defense Force and into the mission of defending the Land of Israel. The Nahal Haredi is funded in part by overseas donors, including Los Angeles businessman David Hager.

Nahal Haredi started with a few dozen soldiers, but today includes thousands.

One of the main battalions of Nahal Haredi is Netzach Yehuda, which operates in Judea and Samaria and takes part in combat and operative missions