Facebook removes hundreds of Iranian accounts

Nearly 800 fake accounts created in Iran to spread anti-Israel messages around the world removed from Facebook.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Facebook removed hundreds of Iranian accounts which were used to spread misinformation in Israel and around the world.

According to Facebook's announcement, 783 fake accounts and groups on Facebook and Instagram, which originated in Iran, presented themselves as real accounts.

According to the Hebrew site The Marker, the fake accounts included anti-Israel articles in English and other languages, including articles which deny Israel's right to exist.

The accounts that were removed were opened in dozens of countries, including Israel, the US, Germany, France and Spain. "The page managers and bookkeepers generally presented themselves as locals, often using fake accounts and posting news stories about current events," Facebook stated.

The Likud party said in response that "it is not surprising that Iran is trying to topple Prime Minister Netanyahu, who blocked its nuclear program, destroyed its efforts to establish military bases in Syria, crushed its economy and sent the Mossad to steal its secret nuclear archive under its nose.

"It will not work for them. As long as Netanyahu is the prime minister of Israel - Iran is in trouble," the party added.