Muslim Eurovision contestant receives death threats

Bilal Hassani, an openly gay Muslim representing France, received threats over intent to appear in Israel, but still intends to perform.

Guy Cohen ,

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Bilal Hassani, France’s entrant to the Eurovision song contest, has received death threats over his intention to participate in the competition to be held in Israel, but he intends to perform nonetheless.

Hassani is from a Muslim Moroccan family, and is openly gay.

He is already used to receiving hate-infused messages over his sexual orientation, but after becoming France’s representative in Eurovision this week, he began receiving additional threats over his readiness to perform in the Jewish State.

“Sometimes there are people who try to make it a political event but I’m not about that. The stage is a sacred place,” he told Channel 12. He filed a police complaint this week following the death threats, the report said.

Hassani said he is excited about visiting Israel. “I can’t wait. I heard the life is really exciting over there in Tel Aviv. I can’t wait to see the sun and I can’t wait to visit,” he said.