IDF launches campaign to recruit haredim to fight

Combat units: Netzach Yehuda Battalion, Tomer Company in Givati, Hetz Company in Paratroopers, Mageni Hanegev Brigade, Air and Space Corps.

Mordechai Sones ,

Haredi soldiers and their rabbis
Haredi soldiers and their rabbis
Netzach Yehuda

This week the IDF launched a campaign to encourage haredi recruitment to combat routes, led by the Haredi Military Administration and in cooperation with the Defense Ministry's Social Security Division.

Haredi combat courses belong to the Cherev roster (formerly Netzach) designated for young haredim (aged 18-21) who do not have the status of yeshiva student.

The units included in the combat courses are:

• The Netzach Yehuda Battalion (97) in the Kfir Brigade;
• Tomer Company in the Givati ​​Brigade;
• Hetz company paratroopers in the Paratroopers Brigade;
• The Mageni HaNegev division in the air and space branch.

Service consists of two-years in a combat unit and then a period of eight months completing education or vocational training in the Ma'of Year Project (in Hebrew forming an acronym for Excellence, Future, and Personal Development) that provides tools for integrating into the labor market after discharge.

Service is tailored to haredi lifestyle, including Mehadrin Glatt Kosher food, a customized work environment, set Torah study times, personal and spiritual guidance, etc., in accordance with the IDF Haredi Service Policy.

Combatants for the Future, the campaign's slogan, expresses its goal - to strengthen combat roles among the haredi community to carry out the IDF's mission and ensure a better future for both the State and the individual.

IDF Charedi Administration head Lieutenant Colonel Talam Chazan notes: "Throughout the entire world, there's no special role like the role of combat in the IDF. You build within yourself strong personality traits that will serve you in every situation."

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