The Silenced Terror - weekly terror report

46 attacks on Jews this week - 27 stone-throwing attacks, 18 Molotov cocktail attacks, a stabbing attempt. 138 incidents since year's start.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Arab stone-throwing
Arab stone-throwing
Flash 90

The Silenced Intifada:

Boomerang's Weekly Terror Report for the week of 17th-24th of January 2019:

46 terror attacks this week:
27 stone throwing,
18 Molotov cocktails
1 stabbing attempt.

In total 138 terror attempts from beggining of 2019

In the video above, as part of the People Behind the Numbers project, Boomerang presents the story of Ayala Shapira a courageous girl who was severely burned by a Molotov cocktail.