Iranians 'far from realizing their plans in Syria'

Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror tells A7: 'Iranians have missiles in Syria, if there's war they'll use large part against State of Israel.'

Eliran Aharon ,

Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fighter rides military vehicle
Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) fighter rides military vehicle

Former National Security Council head Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Yaakov Amidror relates in a conversation with Arutz Sheva to the Israeli attacks against Iran on Syrian soil.

"Israel is trying to block the building of an independent Iranian force in Syria and is trying to block the transfer of precision weapons to Hezbollah via Syria," Amidror said. "Israel's success is great but not perfect."

He said the effort to contain Iran could lead to a broader confrontation, both with the Iranians and with Hezbollah.

Regarding the firing of the Iranian missile at the Hermon last Sunday, Amidror said "the Iranians have not a lot of missiles in Syria and if there is a big war then we have to take into account that they will use a large part of this ammunition against the State of Israel. We need to be prepared in all parameters, from shelters to Iron Dome and our other precautions."

Yaakov Amidror
Jerusalem University

Amidror was asked whether Iran would prefer to remain restrained in the face of Israel's deterrence or whether it will decide that it has had enough. "The question is whether to stop the building of the Iranian force we're prepared to risk a war against the Iranians and Hezbollah.

"If the answer is no, then they'll continue to grow stronger and we won't do anything. If the answer is that it's too dangerous for us to neglect, then we have to prepare for a large operation, for which reason the IDF exists."

Against the background of Benny Gantz's joining politics, Amidror outright rejects the possibility that he will take a similar step. "I wish everyone success and I say so sincerely."