Building the Jewish Home party

MK Moti Yogev writes about party turbulence and need for religious Zionism to unite under Jewish Home without looking to other parties.

MK Moti Yogev ,

MK Moti Yogev: Building Jewish Home
MK Moti Yogev: Building Jewish Home
Flash 90

The Jewish Home Party is the political body that's been active all these years and is working to realize the Zionist-religious idea. A large and broad Jewish Home is essential to religious Zionism, essential to the people and the State of Israel. We were privileged to sprout and grow in religious Zionist homes, to be nurtured in the home and educational institutions, in the youth movements, in yeshivas, in preparatory courses, in ulpanot and midrashot. Graduates of religious Zionism contribute their strength and lead all areas of life in Israel: Military and national service, education and society, settlement and fulfillment in all areas of life in the country.

Without pride G-d forbid, but out of a great sense of responsibility, it's necessary to state what perhaps shouldn't be taken for granted: For religious-Zionist education in its various shades, for the national religious-religious world, for strengthening the social and geographic periphery, for family strength and public restoration, for settlement; for all the great blessing that comes from the fruits of religious Zionist education in its various shades to continue to affect all levels of life in Israel, we need a strong and powerful political force to take care of all this.

Not in the New Right do they feel responsible for this, not even in the Likud or any other political framework. In the end, only the former National Religious Party and today the public emissaries of the Jewish Home Party live the idea and feel the responsibility to muster the resources and act to strengthen our ideological and practical influence on all aspects of life in Israel.

The challenge we face is clear. You must choose a party leader and the best candidates who represent the religious-Zionist public, and who will continue to act to strengthen the influence of religious Zionism on the people and the State and on the handling of all the public needs of which we are the emissaries.

We have indeed experienced a period of turmoil, with the abandonment of party leaders. Days and nights with little sleep and full of concern for the future of religious Zionism's political home. A complex reality, even differences of opinion, but with one heart that beats and converges for one purpose: To build a large and strong Jewish Home for religious Zionism, to strengthen our ideological and practical influence in all aspects of life and action of the nation and the State.

In the next few days, the Jewish Home Central Committee will decide on the question of how to elect the chairman and the list of candidates for the Knesset.

We hereby inform the entire Nation of Israel, the family of religious Zionism, and our broad supporters: There is and there will be a Jewish Home, rooted, united, and great. There is and there will be someone to choose, who will do good for Israel and do good for religious Zionism.