'They do not allow a person to defend himself'

Prime Minister Netanyahu's son criticizes difficulties being imposed by legal system in raising funds for his father's legal defense.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Marc Israel Sellem/POOL

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's son, Yair Netanyahu, on Tuesday evening addressed the renewed firestorm over the funding for his father's legal defense.

"Regarding the funding for the legal defense. The State Prosecutor's Office and the police have invested about 250,000 shekels in taxpayers' money on this crazy witch hunt," Netanyahu wrote in a post on his Facebook account.

"In the meantime, what they have found is a few cigars and 2.5 articles about my mother on Walla!," he continued.

"After all this, they do not allow a person to defend himself against their well-oiled machine. A democratic state, civil rights, etc. Share!" added Yair.

The new firestorm broke out after it was discovered that Netanyahu received a sum of $300,000 from his cousin, Natan Milikovsky, for the purpose of his legal defense, even though the transfer of the funds was forbidden by the permits committee which operates alongside the State Comptroller.

The State Comptroller turned to the Attorney General and asked him to look into the matter. The Prime Minister's Office argues that Netanyahu did not have to ask for permission to receive the money in the first place.

"In this ‘fixed game’, in which the media decided three years ago that Prime Minister Netanyahu is guilty until proven innocent, every effort is being made to prevent the prime minister from fighting for the truth," the Prime Minister’s Office said.

"For the past three years, the state has been operating dozens of investigators and lawyers at a cost of hundreds of millions of shekels, and now they are complaining to Prime Minister Netanyahu that in trying to defend himself against all of this he is aided by his cousin. Of course, they forget to note that the Knesset Ethics Committee has already determined that it is permissible to receive aid from a cousin without having to receive approval for it. There is no end to the hypocrisy. "