Man threatened, followed by Arabs and arrested

New immigrant from France attacked by Arabs at Armon Hanatziv and arrested for questioning for showing the Arabs he was armed.

Eliran Aharon ,

Police in Armon Hanetziv neighborhood, Jerusalem
Police in Armon Hanetziv neighborhood, Jerusalem
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Three weeks ago in the middle of Shabbat, a new immigrant from France left for a walk in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of Jerusalem. On his way he met eight Arabs who began to provoke him and curse him. He chanted "Am Yisrael Chai" towards them and continued walking.

A few minutes later the Jew discovered the group wanted to follow him accompanied with threats, shouts, and curses while holding rocks in their hands. He understood the situation could develop into a dangerous incident and pointed to the weapon in his possession. The Arabs photographed him and called the police. A patrol car stopped the man who had been attacked.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher, who accompanies the Jew, told Arutz Sheva "he was brought to the police station on Saturday and told he was accused of threatening with a weapon. At the police station he saw the Arabs who a moment ago were threatening him and trying to harm him sitting and snickering in his face."

Bleicher claims the police were too lenient with the attackers. "The man complained to the police about the assault and was asked why he didn't inform the police of an attack. He answered it was Shabbat and he didn't have a mobile phone."

The attorney wonders why the police hastened to arrest the young man without thoroughly examining the case. "We sent a letter to the police and demanded the attackers be arrested for questioning. We know Armon Hanatziv is a very sensitive place, where the police need to be more sensitive to civilians who are attacked and encourage citizens to defend themselves.

"It's time for the police to know who's endangering the public and act against it, not to cause citizens to fear to defend themselves," says Attorney Bleicher.