Letter to Benny Gantz from mother of Golani fighters

Mother of six, four of whom fight in Golani Brigade, pens open letter to Benny Gantz following comments on decision to endanger soldiers.

Mikhal Galil ,

Protective Edge
Protective Edge
Flash 90

Hello Benny,

My name is Mikhal, a mother of six boys. Four of my sons serve as fighters in the Golani Brigade. The love for the brown beret and the Golani tree were received from their uncles, my brothers, who proudly carried the brown beret on their shoulder.

Listen, Benny, we're simple people of this country, my parents and my husband Shalom's parents immigrated from France. I'm a Jerusalemite who grew up within the walls of the Old City, trying to do good for our people and our country.

We cry and hurt on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and for the fallen of Israel's battles. We're excited on Yom Ha'atzmaut; the ceremonies, the Bible Quiz, the Jewish youth movements, our children, the values ​​of patriotism, heritage, love of the people, and love of man. That's the spirit that blows in our home, the spirit on which our children were raised to love the land, to give and sacrifice, to grow up to be fighters in the Israel Defense Forces.

In Operation Protective Edge two of them were there in Gaza. When rumors came about the burnt armored personnel carrier and the casualties, our hearts burned within our breast, and the concern for the boys mixed with the rightness of the path and the understanding that an enemy must be defeated, despite the heavy costs, too heavy to bear.

They returned from the war as heroes, bearing on their shoulders the events, the sights, and the pain of friends who didn't return alive.

I hear your words as Chief of Staff proud of a morality - a distorted morality that means risking my sons and their friends from Golani, Givati, and the Paratroopers - of all the fighters - and ask myself, is our children's blood worthless? My two sons, one in the battalion and one in the commando unit, who are now lying somewhere in the mud, will be unto our enemies as defenders in the name of distorted morality? Is it possible that a hair would fall from their heads so that our enemies' blood will be spared?

My blood is boiling, the blood of fighter's mothers, members of the brigade cry out to heaven. And how will I explain this to my children, and how I will send them to fight, to the army that promised me that "let every Jewish mother know she gave the fate of her sons over to commanders who are deserving of it," when in practice he prefers the life of the enemy over the life of my sons.

We pray to our Father in Heaven, strengthen the defenders of Your People Israel, the fighters of the Israel Defense Forces, and grant good counsel to our leaders, the commanders of our sons.

May He confound the thoughts of our enemies and those who wish us evil.

With belief in the justice of our ways, and love for our country,

Mikhal and Shalom Galil