Family who operated pub on Shabbat asks public's forgiveness

Family operating Ashdod pub 25 years ago publishes ad asking forgiveness from residents 'for causing public Sabbath desecration'.

Michal Levy ,


A family that operated a pub in Ashdod about 25 years ago published an ad asking forgiveness from community residents for operating the pub on Shabbat.

Under the heading Apology Request the family expressed remorse for the Sabbath desecration they caused their customers by opening the pub on Saturdays. The ad was published in the local weekly The Week in Ashdod.

"We, Gabriel, David Fadida, Yaakov and Yitzhak Tubul are asking all of our customers, residents of Ashdod and the surrounding area, to forgive us and atone for having caused public Sabbath desecration while we managed the Hanegative pub."

In their comments they noted that this was between 1993 and 1994, over 25 years ago. The pub owners emphasized in the ad that "Shabbat is the source of blessing".