'The murders the Shin Bet is not looking for'

Father of terror victim wonders why Shin Bet focuses on Jewish children when his son's killer remains free after 23 years.

Refael Levi,

Ohad Bachrach, 2 months before he was murdered
Ohad Bachrach, 2 months before he was murdered
picture used with permission of family

Amid the controversy surrounding the Shin Bet's crackdown on alleged Jewish terrorists, Dr. Aryeh Bachrach wonders why the agency has not located the terrorist who murdered his son Ohad and his friend Uri 23 years ago.

"We cannot stop the discussions about the conduct of the Shin Bet in its reckless interrogations of the young residents of Judea and Samaria. What kind of danger to the state or public safety would have happened if we knew how the children were being interrogated in real time? Why exactly did the Shin Bet ask for confidentiality? What about the public's right to know?" Bachrach asked.

"The entire investigation and the desire to create the impression that there is an affair upon which state security depends and that there are a few ticking bombs that have be stopped are all done in order to prepare the ground for the torture of the children during the interrogation," he said.

Referring to the fact that the boys are suspected of participating in the murder of an Arab woman, he asked: "Do any of you remember when Palestinians who were caught throwing stones at Israeli vehicles were accused of murder? Perhaps the term murder in connection with throwing stones belongs only to Jews?"

He also claimed that the publication of the burning of an Israeli flag was part of the attempt to discredit the boys and their defenders. "Let's say that's true, it's really a very serious act for which the parents of the children should have slapped everyone."

"The publication of the flag affair is intended to dull our feelings of sympathy and participation in the suffering of the children and to better understand the torture they have undergone.

"We recognize the contribution of the Shin Bet security service to our security every day. We are not ungrateful. But there is complete separation between the Arab and Jewish departments, and we still remember [former Shin Bet head] Carmi Gillon who wrote in a scientific thesis that wrote that the settlers 'are the enemies of the state' and so it seems that we are referring to our children [as enemies].

"Mr. President and the Prime Minister, enough with the flattery [of the Shin Bet]. Don't belittle us and give us the runaround. While the flattery was on your lips, the court rejected confessions extracted from a Jewish boy.

"Twenty-three years ago, my son Ehad and his friend Uri Shachor were murdered, and the murderers have not been caught. It seems to me that this does not interest the Shin Bet, and perhaps it doesn't interest you, Mr. President of everything," he said.