6-year-old fulfills dream: To be a policeman for a day

Police give kindergartner a uniform, allow him to meet police dog and horse, and declare him an honorary officer in birthday celebration.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

An officer for a day
An officer for a day
Police spokesperson

Staff and students of the National Police College joined in to fulfill the dream of Yisrael Avraham for his sixth birthday, to be a policeman for one day.

The idea was born after a random meeting between Yisrael with a police recruit in which he expressed his love for the Israel Police and his dream of being a policeman.

As part of the values ​​project that takes place in the various training programs and in the training department, the police work throughout the year on behalf of the community in a variety of educational and ethical activities that take place throughout the country. In the spirit of this project, the National Police College decided to fulfill Yisrael's dream and invited him to the college, which was specially adapted for activities for children.

The Wishing Car picked up Yisrael from his kindergarten in Beit Shemesh, and drove him to the National Police College. Before he got into the car, he was given a police uniform and a police cap. Upon his arrival at the College, Yisrael received a special reception and visited the heritage house of the Israel Police.

During the course of the activities at the college, Yisrael was exposed to the police communications network, met the police robot, and was given a sapper's pin. In addition, he visited the animal unit, where he was exposed to the activity of the police dogs and horsemen. He rode a police horse ride and went for a walk with the police dog Rita.

The policemen who held a birthday party for Yisrael also held an official ceremony in which he was granted the rank of officer and a certificate of membership in the force. "We have a great privilege to fulfill Yisrael's dream ahead of his birthday. The excitement and joy that accompanied him is the greatest reward we have made for an important moral act, for him and for us "