'Interrogation was conducted under close judicial supervision'

Shin Bet rejects assertions of attorneys of minors being released this morning. 'Interrogees were given all conditions required by law.'

Uzi Baruch,

Protest against arrest of youths
Protest against arrest of youths
Amichai Ben David/TPS

The Shin Bet responded to the arguments of the lawyers of the youths suspected by the Shin Bet of murdering Aisha Rabi, a resident of Dia and a mother of nine, near the town of Rehelim, who are being released Thursday morning.

"It should be emphasized that all the interrogation procedures were conducted under close judicial supervision by the State Attorney's Office and the courts, and that during the interrogation the interrogees were given all the conditions required by the law in accordance with their age and beliefs," the Shin Bet said.

The Shin Bet added that today the detention of one of the suspects was extended by six days, and it was also decided that some of the suspects could be interrogated while under house arrest and under restrictive conditions.

"All the evidence and findings collected so far in the investigation have been transferred to the Central District Attorney's Office, which accompanied the investigation from its inception, and after completing the analysis of the evidence and the findings of the investigation, further legal proceedings will be decided upon."

"Since the arrests, there has been a deliberate and ongoing effort by interested parties to disrupt the course of the investigation, including the dissemination of false information regarding the conduct of the investigation, while defaming the Shin Bet and its employees. The Shin Bet emphasizes that the organization will not be deterred and will continue to act determinedly against any actor involved in terror activity of any form,” the Shin Bet said.